Rolfing Santa Monica

Rolfing Santa Monica

Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Rolfing In Santa Monica

If you've ever heard of rolfing in Santa Monica, you may be tempted to interchange the term and practice with deep tissue massage. However, even if rolfing has to do with the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, it isn't the same as deep tissue massage. Rolfing in Santa Monica has to do with practices that are aimed at organizing the whole body for more efficient functioning. It has to do with the manipulation of connective tissues or the myofascial system that can be used to treat poor posture and structure.

When it is done by a professional, it can make the use of muscles more efficient and improve the body’s ability to conserve energy thus creating a more refined and economical pattern of movement. Also, it can reduce chronic stress significantly, improve neurological functions, and improve the condition of people who have spinal curvature due to lordosis.

What's The Difference Between Rolfing And Deep Tissue Massaging?

Massages are used to provide relief from discomfort and aid relaxation while rolfing is used to improve the body’s function and alignment not just to provide relief. A Rolfer uses movement education and soft tissue manipulation to correct the structure and posture of the entire body over time. When you are undergoing a deep tissue massage, the practitioner concentrates on the part of the tissue that is experiencing tension. On the other hand, the Rolfer carrying out rolfing creates overall balance and ease throughout the body’s structure. As the body structure improves, pain and stress caused by chronic strain reduce.

So, How Does The Process Work?

Rolfing can speed up the recovery process after injury because it reduces muscle tension, stiffness and pain. This improves the circulation and movement around the client’s joints.

The process of structural integration is performed over time through a series of ten sessions. During each session, the Rolfer impacts the structure of the client's body in what is referred to as a methodical manner. They loosen up superficial fascia and work on deeper areas to improve support in the legs and feet. After that, they move forward to higher structures in a bid to help the client enjoy the benefits of freer movement on a daily basis.

Who Needs Rolfing In Santa Monica?

Chronic stress can often cause tension on the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Since rolfing can break the patterns that lead to discomfort, people suffering from neurological impairments like piriformis, carpal tunnel syndrome and pronator syndrome will benefit most from rolfing. Rolfing can be used to cause structural realignment in sufferers of these conditions thus reducing the pain and other symptoms associated with them. Those who suffer jaw pain from the temporomandibular joint disorder can benefit from rolfing. People who have asthma can also benefit from it.

Anyone who suffers from conditions that cause pain or affect posture can benefit from rolfing. Athletes have been known to undergo rolfing in a bid to improve performance. None athletes who want to improve performance in their daily activities also benefit from rolfing.

Although rolfing is also a form of soft tissue manipulation, it reaches far beyond where a deep tissue massage can reach and leads to a more permanent solution for chronic pain.


Rolfing Santa Monica
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