Achieve Better Posture and Support Total Body Wellness Through Rolfing™

While our society is becoming increasing health conscious, our efforts at proper diet and fitness may be missing the mark when we also neglect other often-missed issues, like proper posture. When we think about our posture, we often remember our parents scolding us to stand up straight and our annoyance at their nit-picking. However, bad posture really does take a toll on our bodies over time. Not only does bad posture project a poor self-image, but it also has been linked to increased stress, depression, constipation, and chronic pain. People with poor posture are also less likely to receive pay raises or be considered for promotions, and posture can also affect how people perceive your weight, as you end up looking heavier than you really are. If you think you have poor posture and want to know how to fix bad posture, the answer may actually be a little more complicated than you think.

Releasing Rhomboids and Scapula
(Photo Courtesy of the Rolf Institute)
Releasing Rhomboids and Scapula (Photo Courtesy of the Rolf Institute)

How Can I Improve My Bad Posture?

While simply reminding yourself to stand up straight seems easy enough, all of those years of slouching may have thrown your body out of alignment. Therefore, how to improve posture may require a more advanced approach than simply trying to retrain your body into better balance. Trying to correct your behavior is a great place to start, but the practice of Rolfing for posture may be what your body needs to truly correct your poor posture and bring your body back into alignment. A Certified Advanced Rolfer®, such as Bob Alonzi, helps support better posture by correcting aberrations in soft tissue, performing joint mobilization to improve alignment, and providing strengthening activities to correct muscular imbalances. He also encourages flexibility exercises to insure optimal muscle and joint function, and supports clients in their behavior modification efforts to break those life-long habits. By taking a holistic approach to correcting posture and improving body alignment, Rolfers like Bob help promote true, total body wellness that compliments healthy diet and exercise.

For anyone who wants to explore how Rolfing can improve posture, or how Rolfing for scoliosis may help, Bob Alonzi invites you to take that first step to healing your body from the inside out. To learn more about Rolfing for better posture, as well as improved physical and mental health, contact Bob today!