Rolfing Structural Integration

Restore Vitality to Your Body!

Rolfing* is used by professional and Olympic athletes as well as classical and modern dancers to restore vitality and function to damaged tissue and as a method of injury prevention. In addition to the direct hands-on manipulation, Rolfing provides the individual with movement and behavioral education to lessen trauma associated with chronic and acute musculoskeletal complaints.

Releasing Rhomboids and Scapula (Photo Courtesy of the Rolf Institute)

Rolfing for Better Posture and Balance

Rolfing is a system of deep-tissue bodywork that brings the body into a new alignment and better balance, greater flexibility and improved physical abilities. Rolfing works in a series of 10 sessions to release the fibrous and thickened connective tissue (myofascial system) that influences alignment of the skeletal structure. By releasing the deep soft-tissue of the body, a person realizes benefits including relief of chronic pain, ease of movement, improved posture and a a sense of emotional well being.

Rolfing for Injury and Trauma

By working with the strain patterns formed in the connective tissue of the body (fascia or myofascial system), Rolfing directly addresses the issue of compensations the human structure makes to the adaptations required when compensating for injuries and trauma. These alterations form around areas of injury leaving deep impressions in the layers of fascial tissue influencing skeletal alignment, joint and muscle mobility. It is important to note, Rolfiing is a process that works by taking the most superficial layers of tissue first and then working deeper as the body surrenders and softens to the touch. By working in this manner, pain and discomfort is eliminated and the tissue of the client’s body is encouraged to change.

Affordable Quality Rolfing Practitioner

If you are looking for a practitioner of Rolfing, in  Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Encino, Sherman Oaks, or Van Nuys . Bob Alonzi stands out from the rest because his approach to the practice shows a high level of professionalism and client sensitivity, as well as a strong knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems and the problems that can occur within these systems. He has received both the basic and advanced certification from the Rolf Institute, and currently sits on the Institute’s Ethics Committee. With a great deal of experience and numerous satisfied clients, he commonly treats patients with slumping, rounded shoulders from poor posture as well as people with scoliosis, short legs, and other postural problems.

Bob will be releasing a new book titled I-Stretch & Strengthen. In it, he creates a comprehensive guide that aims to help people on their own paths toward true physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn more about this new wellness journey guide here.


Profound Techniques

“I have been working with Bob Alonzi for many years and have received great benefit from both knowing him, teaching together and having Rolfing treatments. I have been using a wheelchair for a long time due to a spinal cord injury from a car accident. Bob is a very skilled practitioner – his gentle yet profound techniques have done a lot to keep me out of muscular spasms, pain and compression. He has also helped me to lengthen through my body, ground and integrate healing energy. He is able to skillfully address issues on many levels, including working with trauma, and the emotions that are part of a healing process. He is a sensitive and compassionate healer.”

Barbara Mindell
Continuum Teacher, Artist and Writer

The Answer – Rolfing!

“After many failed attempts at doctors trying to diagnose my inability to perform, including back surgery and numerous, expensive nerve scans and tests, I came to Bob Alonzi for answers – and found the answer – Rolfing! It is the simplest solution to structural reeducation. It gets me firing on all eight cylinders and running smooth and fluid. I wish I had come to Bob years ago.”  

Ken Wilson
Professional Rock Drummer/Musician

Compassion and Insight

“I have known and worked with Bob Alonzi for over 15 years. I have found his work as a Rolfer to be exceptional. His knowledge of anatomy and how the body works is a great asset. His work is gentle yet effective. I have referred many patients to him including my husband and have gone to him myself. I believe the therapeutic relationship is also important and Bob brings a lot to the table in terms of nurturing, compassion and insight.”

Elisa S. Lottor, Ph.D., N.D.
Pacifica Women’s Health

Insight and Sensitivity

“I have been working with Bob Alonzi since 1987. Over the past 20 years my observations of Bob’s work has grown to great appreciation of his abilities as a Rolfer and healer. He is knowledgeable, professional, and highly skilled in his field. He has a good table side manner with excellent communication skills and talent for working the most difficult and complicated cases. Bob has insight and sensitivity to listen closely to a client, and develop a successful treatment plan, along with empowering the individual through education and a self care program. I consider Bob one of the most skilled Rolfers in the Los Angeles area.”

Karlis Ullis, M.D
Sports Medicine and Anti Aging Medical Group

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