Rolfing Sessions

If you experience frequent or chronic back, neck, or joint pain, the alignment and balance of your body may be off.  Rolfing™ is designed to improve movement and flexibility through a system of deep tissue body work.  If you have posture and balance problems or if you find that you need to be able to achieve greater movement and performance, Rolfing™ sessions may be able to help.  Rolfing™ is a unique form of treatment that can alleviate tightness in the fascia, or the sheaths around the muscles that connect them together and allow movement.


What Is Rolfing and What Does It Do?

Typically, Rolfing™ takes place over a series of ten treatments or sessions.  Depending on the nature and symptoms of your problem, your practitioner may find that it is best to provide ten traditional sessions or to provide one of the many types of advanced Rolfing™ therapies.  A well-trained Rolfing™ practitioner will always start by asking questions and by performing an analysis of your movement and posture before prescribing or administering any treatments.

A Rolfing™ practitioner can release any thickened connective tissue that might be influencing the alignment of your skeletal structure. With the release of these blockages your body can achieve increased movement and flexibility of the joints, as well as relief from chronic pain and improved posture. Rolfing™ can also be used to relieve pain that is the result of an injury. Since your muscles tend to compensate for trauma done to a particular area, your pain may be relieved by working with the strain patterns to help your body heal. Once your pain is relieved, Rolfing™ encourages the tissues in your body to change so they can become properly aligned once more.

You Can Find an Affordable Quality Rolfing™ Practitioner

When choosing a Rolfer™, consider their training and expertise.  Ideally, the Rolfer™ you choose will have at least the basic certification from the Rolf Institute if not advanced certification.  Bob Alonzi has both types of certification and has provided quality treatment to help numerous patients alleviate chronic pain and correct their posture and movement difficulties.

When looking for a Rolfer™, Los Angeles offers many options.  You will find, however, that not all Rolfers™ have the same level of expertise and training.  If you are interested in learning more about the qualifications of Bob Alonzi and the types of therapy that he provides, give his office a call at (310)-451-3250 or take the time to browse his services today.


By taking the time to find the right Rolfer™ for your needs, you will find that therapy can do much to change the way you move, the way you feel, and the way that you are able to experience life!

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