Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle and Reach Your Fitness Goals With Rolfing™

You’ve taken the first step and decided to regain control of your health. You want to embrace a more active lifestyle, and maybe even complete a personal fitness goal in the near future. As qualified trainers will tell you, you need to approach any new program with care and consideration. When you add any new exercise component to your daily routine, your body undergoes many changes and you need to give it the right care and support. Once you progress on your fitness journey, you may want to learn more about training principles to improve athletic performance. One particular option available, called Rolfing™, may help your body as it transitions from couch potato to confidently fit.


How Can Rolfing Help Me Reach My Fitness Goals?

Even fitness beginners want to know, “How can I improve my athletic performance?” While the right training programs address your cardio and strength training needs, the rest of your body still needs proper care. Rolfing is a method of deep tissue body work that aims to support the health and functionality of your connective tissue system. Through a structured Rolfing program, a certified Rolfing practitioner helps correct areas where your connective tissue has become thick and fibrous, thereby bringing your body back into proper alignment. Rolfing has been used by professional athletes for years, and many include it in their personal tips to improve athletic performance.   Benefits include better posture, flexibility, increased sense of vitality, and more rapid recovery from sports injury. Rolfing can help your body better support you on the road toward your athletic goals.

Where Can I Find a Rolfing Practitioner In Los Angeles?

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ Bob Alonzi has spent more than two decades helping residents of greater Los Angeles achieve their personal wellness goals. His extensive education, training, and experience have made him a trusted Rolfing practitioner, and he has worked with professional athletes, dancers, and many others who simply want to improve their quality of life. To schedule your consultation, and to get started on your journey to better fitness, contact his office today!

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