If you are looking for how to improve posture for better balance and function, Rolfing may be for you. Posture is important for many different activities, including pilates, and when you combine pilates practice with Rolfing treatments, you may be able to improve your posture for better body alignment and function. Posture and the alignment of your body can affect a whole host of things, including your levels of pain, flexibility, and balance. Pilates is a workout that is thought to improve the posture as well as flexibility, and Rolfing can enhance those effects quite easily.


When it comes to people who could use Rolfing, posture is a big issue that many of them face. Incorrect posture can lead to very limited function in your body over time, but Rolfing massage (many people refer to Rolfing as a massage, but in practice it is a series of soft tissue manipulations to effect lasting change) may be able to help you change the way your body is aligned. Rolfing is something called structural integration, and it works to correct the soft tissue that affects the structure of your body. When you combine Rolfing with pilates workouts, you can effectively strengthen the muscles that are needed to keep your body aligned correctly. While Rolfing works to correct the structure of your body, pilates gives you the muscle strength for long term change in your posture and balance.

When it comes to posture, many people have an incorrect idea of what correct posture should look like. There are a lot of outdated notions about correct posture looking like the military ideal of shoulders back, chest out, and back straight. This is an unnatural way of holding oneself that can lead to pain and almost as many problems as face those who are incredibly slumped in their posture. Rolfing sessions can help you to regain a correct body posture by manipulating the soft tissue in your body so that your body regains a more nature posture. Of course, it takes more than a temporary change; you will need to work to strengthen the muscles that hold your body so that the change is made permanent.

If you are looking into Rolfing, Santa Monica is where you will find one of the best practitioners around. Bob Alonzi has been practicing for 25 years and is a Certified Advanced Rolfer who can help you improve your posture permanently. Bob is a member of the Rolf Institute and received his instruction and certification from this institute. A Rolfing practitioner of the highest caliber, Bob would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding his practice and how he can help you with your posture and other Rolfing needs. Give us a call at 310-451-3250 today to set up a consultation or learn more about the benefits of Rolfing treatments.

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