Recommended Books

Books to learn more about Rolfing, trauma, core strengthening and the body-mind connection:

  • Rolfing, by Ida P. Rolf, Phd.
  • The Power of Rolfing, by Owen Marcus
  • Rolfing: Stories of Personal Empowerment, by Briah Anson
  • Rolfing Movement Integration, by Mary Bond
  • Barefoot Strong, by Emily Splichal DPM
  • Waking the Tiger, by Peter Levine, Phd
  • BodyMind, by Ken Dychtwald
  • Anatomy Trains, by Tom Myers
  • The Endless Web, by Louis Schultz
  • Core Performance, by Mark Verstegen
  • Core Performance Essentials, by Mark Verstegen
  • Food for Fitness, by Chris Carmichael


Check out the websites listed here for more information about Rolfing and other health topics:

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