Rolfing structural integration treatments can be very effective in the treatment of scoliosis.

Rolfing treatments can be very effective in the treatment of scoliosis. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine to the side, something that it’s not really supposed to do. Scoliosis can lead to back pain and the need for corrective devices or even surgery to keep the curving from getting any more pronounced. Since scoliosis has no known cause, it is not caused by injury or trauma to the area and can affect a large percentage of the population. It’s very possible to have mild scoliosis without knowing it, except of course for the chronic back pain that may be associated with it.

Rolfing structural integration looks at scoliosis is a different way than traditional medicine does.

Rolfing practitioners look at the tissues that hold the spine in place as the cause of the abnormal curving of the spine, not the actual spine itself. Structural integration works with soft tissues to improve the alignment and function of the body, and many people have found that scoliosis can be effectively treated with Rolfing sessions. If the curvature of the spine is caused by the muscles on one side that are too loose and the other side that are too tight, it makes sense that they would pull on the spine to cause a curving of the structure.

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When you use Rolfing, scoliosis can be treated by improving the structures of the body. This means working with the tissue to create balance on either side of the spine that will help to pull it back into place. You may be able to improve the muscular structure of the body through continued Rolfing treatments that work to pull the spine back into alignment and reduce and curving that isn’t’ supposed to be there. This is what structural integration bodywork is all about. It can lead to an improved function and a lessening of chronic pain that is associated with scoliosis. If you are looking to restore function to your body, you can find treatment and relief with a good advanced Rolfing practitioner.

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