Your health and wellness depend on a lot of factors, including your diet, fitness level, genetics, and emotional state. Proper diet and regular exercise help keep your body health and are essential to a true sense of wellness. Even when you are doing everything right, however, you may still suffer from feelings of pain, stiffness, less than ideal performance, or just an overall sense that your body is still out of balance. In recent years, research suggests that our fascial system plays a greater role in our health and physical performance, and a focus on Fascial Fitness may hold the key for improvement.

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What is Facial Fitness?

Your fascia is the vast web of connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body. It connects your muscles, bones, and organs, and it is what keeps everything working together. It gives shape and structure to your body and is your biggest sensory organ. When fascial tissue is healthy and in peak condition, your body has a more springy quality to movement and is less prone to injuries. Healthy fascial tissue helps your body perform better and gives you an increased sense of vitality. Sometimes, however, your fascia becomes shortened and out of alignment, and parts become thick and fibrous. A Facial Fitness Trainer helps correct these issues. Fascial Fitness incorporates exercise routines designed to improve and strengthen the elasticity of your connective tissue. These routines are not about strengthening your muscles, but they instead help bring to life the spring mechanism embodied in the fascial net. Through targeted treatments, a Fascial Fitness Trainer can help lengthen your fascia, correct aberrations, and bring your body back into alignment.

Where Can I Find a Fascial Fitness Trainer?

Bob Alonzi is a recognized provider of Rolfing® treatment and Fascial Fitness Training to clients in the greater Los Angeles area. As an Advanced Certified Rolfer, Bob has helped people restore their vitality through his customized, targeted, and holistic approach to wellness. He works to identify and correct problems with the facial system so that his clients see improved physical performance and gain a greater sense of well-being. To discover more about how Bob Alonzi can help you on your own personal journey to better health, contact his office today for more information.

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