Fascial Fitness Trainer

For athletes and dancers, nothing is more frustrating than a painful injury that sidelines them and hampers their abilities. Sports injuries require special attention, because not only are they incredibly painful and damaging, but they also may impact an athlete’s future performance. When considering rehabilitation for sports-related injuries, it’s important to take a holistic approach that addresses the key systems that affect overall mobility, including the often overlooked fascial system.

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What is the fascial system?

Fascia is a vast network of connective tissue that runs throughout the body. It affects movement, range of motion and recovery. Fascia provides that “springy” quality to movement, and when in proper alignment, it can help prevent injuries. However, when out of alignment, the fascial system can lead to poor performance, bad posture and even pain. To correct this issue, structural integration bodywork, sometimes referred to as Rolfing™, can help heal imbalances in the fascial system and help athletes bring harmony to the very network that connects all of their muscles, bones and organs. For example, Rolfing hamstrings can help alleviate leg pain and improve running performance.

To both rehabilitate from a current injury and to prevent new ones, more and more athletes are turning to a Fascial Fitness Trainer to keep their fascial system in alignment.

Fascial Fitness involves specific exercises and strengthening programs. Beyond the healing effects of Rolfing, this training can help improve performance and help athletes achieve their fitness goals.

If you are an athlete who would like to know more about how both Rolfing and Fascial Fitness training can benefit you, Bob Alonzi has been providing Rolfing in Santa Monica for over 25 years.  As a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Bob has been assisting both athletes and dancers achieve peak performance and wellness through his Fascial Fitness Training. If you are ready to take the next step toward your physical goals, or simply need help rehabilitating from a sports injury, contact Bob today.

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