Is Your Posture Giving Others a Bad First Impression? Improve Both Your Posture and Your Health With Rolfing™

When we think of how others perceive us, we often think about our clothes, physical appearance, or the way we speak. While all of these attributes contribute to first impressions, your posture and how you carry yourself play a large role as well. For example, a person with optimal posture gives off an aura of being confident, capable, and in control. However, people with poor posture, including constant slouching or hunching over, convey an attitude of disinterest, lack of initiative, and lacking vitality. Your posture gives an observer subconscious, visual cues about you, and if you have poor posture, you may be giving friends and professional colleagues the wrong impression. Can you improve bad posture? Certified Advanced Rolfer Bob Alonzi wants you to know that you most certainly can.

Young woman with position defect and ideal bearing

Why Do I Need Professional Help to Fix Bad Posture?

How do you improve bad posture? Many people think that correcting posture is simply a matter of behavioral training. If they keep reminding themselves to “stand up straight,” eventually it will stick, right? While behavior is certainly an essential component in correcting any bad habit, it may not be enough for some people. Years of bad posture can force your body out of alignment to the point where you need professional assistance to correct the problem. Through the practice of Rolfing, Bob helps clients reverse posture problems by correcting aberrations in soft tissue, performing joint mobilization to improve alignment, and providing strengthening activities to correct muscular imbalances. Bob’s targeted treatments also help improve balance so that you can maintain a more healthy stature. Not only will your posture improve, but you will also gain a greater sense of vitality that comes from a body in proper alignment.

Whether you want to know how to improve bad shoulder posture, or you simply want to boost your sense of health and well-being, Bob Alonzi can help. With 28 years of experience, Bob utilizes a comprehensive approach to promote overall personal wellness. He will work with you to identify the issues and provide a targeted plan to correct them.

Don’t let bad posture ruin your first impressions. Contact Bob Alonzi and get started on the road to confident recovery.