Your poor posture is more than just a bad habit. Poor posture affects both your personal and professional life, as well as your long-term health. People with poor posture are perceived as less competent and less confident, which can affect your earning potential and relationships in a big way. Poor posture also increases your risk of injury, and can lead to headaches, chronic pain, and breathing problems.

Certain individuals are more at risk for bad posture, including workers whose professions require them to sit for extended periods of time. While certain preventative measures can help you avoid posture problems, those already afflicted want to know, “How do you improve bad posture that continues to persist despite efforts at behavior modification?”


Can Persistent Poor Posture Be Fixed?

Can you improve bad postureon your own? The answer is possibly, depending on both the cause of your issue, and how long the problem has occurred. If your bad posture continues even when you make the effort to adjust how you stand or sit, you may need professional help to correct it. Persistent posture problems may indicate that your body is out of alignment, or that your fascial system of connective tissue has developed abnormalities. The good news is that fascial problems can be corrected through the process of Rolfing™. This method of deep-tissue body work aims to correct abnormalities in your fascial system, thereby bringing your body back into alignment. Those who undergo Rolfing treatments report improved posture, greater flexibility, and decreased chronic pain. Not only will your posture improve, your body will gain increased vitality and functionality through Rolfing.

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Bob Alonzi helps clients in the Southern California area heal their posture problems through Rolfing. From how to improve bad shoulder posture, to guidance in core strengthening and stabilization, Bob provides a comprehensive approach to posture correction. To learn more about how Rolfing can help, or to schedule a consultation, contact Bob’s office for more information.

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