Rolfing™ is a unique practice of body interventions intended to effect structural changes.

This practice has been relied upon by a wide range of professional and Olympic athletes as well as dancers and many others in order to help prevent injury and to restore and maintain vitality and function in tissues damaged by sports and other activities. While Rolfing® is very well known among these professionals, it has also been gaining in popularity among the general population in recent years. What is structural integration bodywork, though, and what exactly does it do? Here, we will take a look at the basics of the practice.

At its most basic, Rolfing™ is a form of deep tissue bodywork that is also known as structural integration. This therapy is designed to improve the alignment and balance of the body for improved function and can help improve and enhance physical abilities. A Certified Rolfer® will typically prescribe a series of ten sessions to help correct abnormalities located within soft tissue and mobilize the joints in order to properly align the body’s skeletal system. When the soft tissues start to be released, there are a wide range of both physical and emotional benefits that become apparent to the client.

Bob-Solvang Prelude 2008The biggest benefits of Rolfing™ are the reeducation of the body and the return of balance and function. Many people who have sustained injuries or who have poor posture from slumping over a desk during their working hours experience a great deal of pain throughout their bodies that stems from postural problems. Rolfing™ is an excellent way to alleviate this pain without the need for dangerous and addictive medications, by working to integrate the human structure while correcting problems with alignment and balance. The relief provided by structural integration therapy can be long lasting because it gets to the root of the problem to eliminate pain instead of just focusing on relieving pain. Rolfing™ can also provide greater ease of movement as well as an increased sense of emotional well-being.

Rolfing™ can be a very beneficial therapeutic treatment, but it is important to ensure that you are relying on the services of a trained expert. Bob Alonzi received his basic certification from the Rolf Institute in 1987 and his advanced certification in 1997. He has helped numerous clients experience a higher level of both physical and emotional health and is a member of the Rolf Institute Ethics Committee. For Santa Monica area residents looking for a Rolfing™ practitioner who is caring, compassionate, and client driven, Bob Alonzi is a top choice.

If you are experiencing pain, looking to correct and improve poor posture or if you are looking to help alleviate spinal misalignment, Rolfing™ is one of the best therapy options that are available.

This technique has helped numerous individuals to overcome their chronic or acute musculoskeletal problems and achieve a better level of health. To learn more about Rolfing™ or Bob Alonzi, call (310)-451-3250 or contact him via email today!

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