As sports medicine and fitness acumen continue to evolve, more trainers are examining the role that the often overlooked fascial system plays in athletic performance. This web of connective tissue, once thought of as meaningless glue holding the body together, is now recognized as playing a larger role in physical performance. Your fascia connects all of your muscles, bones and organs, and when functioning properly, allows you to operate at peak physical performance. However, problems with your fascia hamper your abilities, and nearly all athletic injuries occur to, or because of, your fascial system. If you want your body to achieve true wellness and athletic health, fascial fitness needs to be a major consideration in your health regimen.

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Why Is Fasical Fitness Important?

Your fascia provides that sense of “springiness” to your movements, and it helps regulate your posture, movements, and balance. Often called the “Cinderella tissue of orthopedic research,” it has been overlooked for its role in your physical health. However, recent research suggests that your fascial system has an incredible impact on your athletic performance, and that fascial fitness training can help improve how this system functions within your body. More and more trainers are realizing the connection between fascia and sports medicine success, and advise their athletes to consider adding fascial fitness training as part of their regimens. A fascial fitness trainer not only guides clients through specific activities directed at improving fascial health, but they can also correct problems within the fascia, including portions that have become thick or fibrous. These problems often force the body out of alignment, causing pain, stiffness, decreased flexibility and decreased range of motion. The body of research supporting fascial fitness continues to grow, proving that this system may be an essential key to unlocking peak physical function.

For more information about fascial fitness training in the Los Angeles area, contact the office of Bob Alonzi. He helps people of all ages and fitness levels, including professional athletes, achieve optimum fascial fitness, and he is ready to help you succeed in your wellness goals.

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