Fascial Fitness And Core Strength

Why You Should Include Rolfing As Part Of Your Training Plans


From high intensity interval training to the latest Pilates routine, fitness-focused people want effective workout routines that produce visible results. They strive for those magic core strength exercises, weight training, and cardio activities that bring the perfect balance of challenge and results. However, what happens when you hit that proverbial wall in your fitness training? You keep working, but struggle to take your abilities to the next level? Your fitness plateau may have less to do with your workout routine and more to do with your overall self-care. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Bob Alonzi works with both professional and everyday athletes to improve an often overlooked aspect of their health—their fascial systems, also known as connective tissue. From supporting core strength and function, to promoting proper posture and flexibility, your fascia may offer the ultimate solution for your fitness journey.

Understanding Your Fascial System

We know that strong bones and lean muscles contribute to our overall fitness performance. However, your fascial net is what makes those building blocks work in the first place. Your fascial system is the vast network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body. It holds together your muscles and bones, and ensures that they work as a seamless, functional unit. It provides that springiness to your movements, and contributes to your flexibility and range of motion. Fascial fitness contributes greatly to your overall athletic performance, which is why you need to give it the same care and attention as you do with the rest of your body. Fascial fitness and core strength require both the identification and correction of aberrations in your fascial tissue. Through the practice of Rolfing, Bob Alonzi addresses fascial tissue that has become thick and fibrous, which consequently pulls your body out of alignment. Rolfing deep tissue body work releases this tissue, which improves joint mobility, posture, flexibility, and overall vitality. Through Rolfing, you provide your body the care it needs for optimum performance.

If you’re ready to achieve your fitness goals, or have hit a plateau in your training, contact Bob Alonzi at 310-451-3250 for a consultation today, and discover why athletes around the world include Rolfing as part of their training plans.