Scoliosis is an incredibly frustrating and sometimes debilitating condition that, to date, has no known cause. Whether the spine curvature is mild or advanced, treatment options remain few, leaving those afflicted with unpleasant choices. Common treatments for more advanced cases include back braces or extreme surgeries.

If you or a loved one suffers from scoliosis, and are frustrated with your lack of effective treatment options, you may want to seek scoliosis treatment through the process of Rolfing™

In Los Angles, Certified Advanced Rolfer Bob Alonzi offers this treatment to clients just like you, and many have discovered dramatic improvement in their physical condition. Whether you have mild scoliosis back pain, or an advanced case, Bob can help you find relief and reshape your body for optimum health.

How Can Rolfing Help with Scoliosis?

Rolfing targets problems with connective tissue, also known as fascia. Aberrations in your fascial system help contribute to the misalignment of your body. Rolfing works to reposition your fascia, and correct the imbalances that contribute to your scoliosis. Over the course of multiple sessions, the practitioner slowly reworks your connective tissue so that it functions properly, Through Rolfing, scoliosis clients report a dramatic improvement in their posture and back pain, and many feel that regular treatments help slow any progression of the condition.

How Do I Find a Rolfing Practitioner With Scoliosis Experience?

In the Santa Monica area, Bob Alonzi has been providing lower back pain treatment, scoliosis treatment, and other targeted back treatments to clients for over two decades. Bob’s advanced certifications, as well as his history of client satisfaction, have made him the go-to Rolfer in our area. From professional athletes to doctors, Bob has treated hundreds of clients and helped them realize their own wellness goals. For more information about how Rolfing can help with your scoliosis, contact Bob Alonzi and discover a safe, effective treatment that will improve your quality of life for years to come.



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