Breaking the Myths About Your Posture And Chronic Pain

Posture And Athletic Form

Despite your healthy lifestyle, workout regimen, and good sleep habits, your body still feels like it isn’t performing to its full potential. Whether you suffer from aches and pains, or simply feel stiff and out of balance, you may need to re-examine your approach to total, holistic wellness. Your body functions at its best when you have proper posture and form. However, how can you achieve that goal? The answer may not be as clear cut as you think.

Just watch television and you’ll see numerous advertisements for products that purportedly help address soreness, stiffness, poor posture, aches, and pains. From mattresses to copper compression sleeves, these products promise everything from better posture and athletic form to pain relief. However, think about what is truly at the core of the problem; the answer to your personal wellness may not be the next flashy product, but instead may rest within your own body. If your myofascial system has become misaligned, then your body can’t function at its fullest potential. Through Rolfing structural integration bodywork, you can correct this misalignment and help restore your overall feeling of wellness and vitality.


Unlock the Secret to True Wellness with Rolfing

Rolfing works to correct aberrations in your myofascial system (connective tissue)) through the use of deep tissue body work. Through Rolfing, your practitioner targets connective tissue that has become thick and fibrous, which causes your body to become misaligned.  By releasing this tissue, your skeletal alignment improves, which helps correct posture problems, relieve chronic pain, and increase both range of motion and flexibility. Professional athletes often use Rolfing as part of their performance training and injury prevention plans.

To learn more about how Rolfing can help improve your body’s overall functioning, contact Certified Advanced Rolfer Bob Alonzi or call directly at 310-451-3250. Discover the path to genuine wellness and take control of your health with Rolfing.

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