Ready to Improve Athletic Performance? You May Be Ignoring a Key Component of Your Training

Whether you are just getting started on a journey to fitness, or you are a regular at triathlons, your athletic performance hinges on a variety of factors. Regardless of their age or skill level, most athletes wonder, “How can I improve my athletic performance?” While many athletes undergo special diets or training programs, they often fail to address the underlying issues that could be holding them back. Beyond nutrition and physical fitness training, your body needs special care to ensure that its systems operate in a balanced fashion, and Facial Fitness Training can help you achieve that goal. Utilized by professional athletes and dancers, Facial Fitness Training helps bring your body into alignment, thereby improving athletic performance.

How Can I Improve My Athletic Performance

What Exactly is Fascial Fitness Training?

As part of your athletic training, you have probably received numerous tips to improve athletic performance. However, these tips always target your muscles and joints, but fail to address the one system that connects them all together: your fascia. Your fascial system is the intricate web of connective tissue that runs throughout your body. Connecting your muscles, organs, and bones, this system, when functioning properly, keeps your body in alignment and provides a more springy quality to your movements. However, if your fascial system is damaged or out of alignment, your body cannot function at peak performance. A qualified Fasical Fitness Trainer can help you correct issues with your facial system and guide you through fundamental training principles to improve athletic performance. These techniques include targeted exercises to lengthen and balance your fascial system, and sometimes specific myofascial manipulations (a specific kind of massage) to correct aberrations and restore fascial vitality. Athletes who incorporate Fascial Fitness Training into their regimens report increased energy, flexibility, a greater sense of wellness, and more rapid recovery from sports injury.

How Do I Find a Qualified Fascial Fitness Trainer?

Los Angeles-based, Certified Advanced Rolfer Bob Alonzi offers comprehensive Fasical Fitness Training as well as Rolfing structural integration bodywork. In his practice, Bob helps both amateur and professional athletes improve their performance through a holistic approach that targets their fascial health.

To learn more about how you can take your performance to the next level through Fascial Fitness Training, contact Bob’s office for a consultation.