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Problems with posture can occur for many reasons. For some individuals, they are present at birth in the forms of shortened legs or scoliosis, while for others they are caused in large part by the way that we live our lives. While the earliest humans were completely and constantly mobile, our lives today require us to sit while driving, eating, watching television, and for many of us, while we work. A sedentary lifestyle puts a great deal of pressure on the lower back, while prolonged time at a desk or using a laptop tends to round the shoulders and create a very rounded and slumped posture. This can take a major toll on the body, resulting not only in chronic pain, but in joints and muscles that are not as mobile and flexible as they should be. Rolfing™ aims to correct this through the use of deep-tissue therapies which can help restore movement and posture as well as eliminate and alleviate chronic pain symptoms.

Rolfing™ practitioners have a number of different methods at their disposal to help free up connective tissue and restore movement to the body. All of our muscles are paired in the body, with one on each side, and one goal of Rolfing™ is to redistribute the workload on the muscles so that it is even again. The techniques offered by a Rolfing™ practitioner depend on their training and education. You will find that someone with both a basic and an advanced degree from the Rolf Institute will be able to offer you the largest range of therapies, as well as the safest and most effective Rolfing™ treatment.

When you undergo a standard ten sessions of Rolfing™, posture can improve greatly. You will find that restoring the center of balance to the body and improving weight distribution by correcting your posture can have a big impact on pain levels, as well as on your ability to move and maneuver. Rolfing™ has the additional benefit of being able to create a feeling of improved emotional well-being, which is why it is commonly used for trauma victims as well as to help people who have plateaued in cognitive therapy to achieve a breakthrough so they can reach the next levels in their treatments.

By choosing a Rolfing™ practitioner like Bob Alonzi who has both the basic and advanced certifications, you will get an experienced expert Rolfer™ who offers a wide range of treatments. Whether you need a typical group of sessions or advanced interventions for cranial, core, or movement therapy, Bob Alonzi has the training, experience, and expertise required. For more information on the types of Rolfing™ treatments offered by Bob Alonzi or to schedule an appointment, call (310)-451-3250 today!


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