Rolfing™ Structural Integration

Every day, thousands of people in the United States wake up with

chronic pain. It is more than just the occasional stiff joint or backache; these individuals are in pain for most of their waking lives. Narcotic medications are often prescribed by doctors in conjunction with physical therapy, but for many of these patients, the prognosis given by their physicians is that this pain will be with them for the rest of their lives. That is where Rolfing™ structural integration can do a lot of good. Designed in the 1930’s to help severely disabled patients achieve relief from pain, this technique designed to restore balance and function can help restore bodily posture, loosen tightened and bound connective tissue, and provide lasting relief from chronic pain without the need for dangerous and addictive drugs.


Chronic pain is more than a nuisance or a frustration, it can be disabling and debilitating. Rolfing™ therapy typically takes place in a series of ten sessions designed to help correct the posture, loosen connective tissue, and get the body’s muscles working together as a whole. It can reeducate the body to restore alignment and balance. It can also work with strain patterns to eliminate pain and discomfort that has resulted from trauma or injury. The results that can be achieved when you work with a Rolfing™ practitioner who has been well trained and who utilizes the proper methods can be life-altering, and Bob Alonzi works hard to bring all of his clients a greater quality of life.

The benefits that you can achieve from Rolfing™ therapy will depend largely on the type of therapy that you receive. Bob Alonzi has both the basic and advanced certifications from the Rolf Institute, and you will find that he offers a wide range of interventions in order to best meet the needs of his clients. Whether your body is in need of traditional Rolfing™ therapy or you need more advanced methods, manual soft tissue manipulation, cranial-sacral work, or core strengthening, you will find that Bob Alonzi has the skills and experience needed to help you restore movement and posture and alleviate your pain.


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The benefits of proper Rolfing® massage therapy (as some lay people refer to it) certainly cannot be understated. Not only does Rolfing® provide lasting relief from chronic pain, but it can help you vastly improve the movement and flexibility of your joints and muscles. The human body is designed to be upright and to have a posture that allows muscles on opposing sides of the body to bear equal weight and to have an equal role in movement and support. As our careers start moving us more and more towards sedentary postures and as we become more dependent on sitting in cars and chairs for a majority of our waking time, we can do a lot of damage to our posture. Rolfing® aims to help fix this by getting the body back into proper alignment.

If you are looking to learn more about Rolfing® and the ways that it can change and improve your life, contact Bob Alonzi. When it comes to Rolfing®, Santa Monica and the surrounding area may offer numerous options, but you will find that Bob Alonzi has a combination of excellent training and a strong focus on the needs of his clients. Sitting on the Rolf Institute Ethics Committee, Bob is dedicated to providing all patients with the highest level of care and treatment. Contact his office today at (310)-451-3250 to schedule a Rolfing® session or to learn more about the techniques he offers and how they can make a lasting difference in your life.

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