What Really Is The Missing Link In Your Journey to Your Total Wellness?


You try to take care of your body by doing all of the right things; you eat right, exercise, take your vitamins, and try to get plenty of sleep. Despite your efforts, your body still just feels like something isn’t quite right. You may feel stiff, sore or simply like something feels “off.” You may not be able to pinpoint the reason, you simply feel that your body is not functioning as well as it could be. The problem may lie in something you might never expect: your fascia. Learning more about your fascia, and how you can care for it through structural integration bodywork, can help you find that missing piece to your wellness puzzle.

What Is My Fascial System?

Your fascia is the vast network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body. It connects your muscles, bones and organs, giving your body its shape and structure. Overtime, your fascia can become shortened and out of place, and some of your connective tissue becomes thickened and fibrous. When you experience these problems with your fascial system, you end up with a body that is out of alignment and always functioning at sub-par performance. That “off” feeling that persists despite a great wellness regimen comes from your body being unbalanced and out of alignment.

How Do I Correct Problems with My Fascial System?

To correct problems with your fascia, you need the help of an experienced structural integration practitioner. Also known as Rolfing, structural integration bodywork is a process lengthening and repositioning your fascia so that your body is balanced and brought back into proper alignment. Rolf Structural Integration combines deep tissue bodywork with joint mobilization, as well as strengthening activities to correct muscular imbalance. A Certified Advanced Rolfer crafts these targeted treatments based on the needs of individual clients, taking a holistic approach to promoting overall wellness. The results of structural integration bodywork include increased flexibility, greater range of motion, improved posture, decreased pain and discomfort and an overall improved sense of well-being.

If you would like to know more about structural integration bodywork, or are seeking services for Rolfing in Los Angles, Bob Alonzi is one of the most trusted practitioners in the area.  With over 25 years of experience, Bob has built his practice on providing caring and compassionate service for each and every client. To learn more about how Bob can help you on your journey to true wellness, contact his office today for more information.