You Can Find an Affordable Quality Rolfing™ Practitioner

What Is Rolfing?

We often hear“What is Rolfing® massage?” Rolfing is not massage, although it is often mistakenly referred to as massage.

Rolfing® is a structural therapy and method that has been gaining in popularity for many years now. First developed in the 1930’s by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.d in order to help people who were chronically disabled find relief, the benefits of the therapy in others were made apparent quite quickly.

In 1971, she founded the Rolf Institute, where other aspiring practitioners could learn the proper ways to perform the technique. These early protégés learned to safely and effectively provide relief and benefit to patients suffering from a wide range of problems as well as those simply looking for better performance, balance, and body alignment. The practice is still very much in use today, having long been popular with holistic practitioners and recently gaining nationwide exposure through recommendations by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz.


What Structural Integration Can Do for You

A structural integration practitioner can bring about significant therapeutic benefits to many patients, including athletes, people who have been injured in an accident, and those who suffer from pain related to poor posture and spinal alignment. One common misconception about the therapy, however, is that it is entirely unaffordable. While it is true that there are many Rolfing® practitioners who charge very high prices, taking the time to find a practitioner who is focused on helping clients, such as Bob Alonzi, can provide you with access to Rolfing® therapy that you can realistically afford.

If you are looking for a practitioner of Rolfing®, Los Angeles has many options. Bob Alonzi stands out from the rest because his approach to the practice shows a high level of professionalism and client sensitivity, as well as a strong knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems and the problems that can occur within these systems. He has received both the basic and advanced certification from the Rolf Institute, and currently sits on the Institute’s Ethics Committee. With a great deal of experience and numerous satisfied clients, he commonly treats patients with slumping, rounded shoulders from poor posture as well as people with scoliosis, short legs, and other postural problems.

Affordability is certainly a concern that Bob Alonzi cares about, and you will find that he offers a wide range of discounts, including $20 off each of your first ten sessions using the discount coupon found on the website. He also offers discounts for advance and cash payments. To learn more about the types of payment that Bob Alonzi accepts, the fees and costs for his services, or even just to learn more about Rolfing® in general, take the time to give his office a call at (310)-451-3250. Rolfing® is an incredibly beneficial therapy, and you will find that it can do much to help you improve your health.