Protect Your Fitness Performance With Structural Integration Therapy

Whether you are just starting a fitness regimen, or are a seasoned athlete, sports injuries can strike at any time.

Even mild strains hamper your performance and set you back from achieving forward progress toward your goals. While injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, imbalances in your connective tissue system can further predispose you to them. Whether you are healing from a previous injury, or simply want to keep your body protected and at peak condition, structural integration therapy can help. Through this deep tissue bodywork, you can improve your fascial fitness and ensure that your body is in healthy alignment.


How Can Structural Integration Contribute to My Fitness and Health?

Your fascia is the vast network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body. It holds together your muscles, organs and bones, and is what helps your body move seamlessly and easily. However, overtime, your connective tissue can develop problems, which in turn, pulls your body out of alignment. This shift affects your balance, posture, and physical performance. To correct these issues, a structural integration practitioner addresses the problems with your connective tissues, treating spots where it has become thick or fibrous. When your body is in correct alignment, you are not only less prone to injury, but you will notice decreased pain, better physical performance.

How Do I Select a Qualified Provider?

When searching for structural integration practitioners, you want to select one with advanced training and a proven track record of patient satisfaction. In the greater Los Angeles area, Bob Alonzi is a recognized service provider with over two decades of experience in structural integration body work. He works with both professional and amateur athletes who have to come to trust his therapeutic interventions to keep them healthy and at peak performance.  Call Bob’s office today at (310) 451-3250 for an appointment, and discover how this therapy can help you.