Your physical fitness is important to you, and whether you are a Cross Fit enthusiast, professional athlete, or runner hoping to tackle a marathon, you know that your body needs proper care. From the foods you eat to your workouts, you do everything you can to ensure that your body performs at its peak. However, for some athletes, even the most regimented lifestyle still leaves them feeling like a piece of the puzzle is missing, and that missing piece is preventing them from achieving their best performance. Are you wondering, “How can I improve my athletic performance?” The answer may lie within a part of your body you haven’t considered: your fascial system.

The start to a triathlon

How Does My Fascial System Affect Athletic Performance?

You know that your muscles and bones are the cornerstone of your physical capabilities, yet did you know that your fascial system is the vast web of connective tissue that holds these parts together and allows them to function in tandem? That sense of “springiness” in your movements comes from your fascia. If you are not caring for your fascial system, or if it has abnormalities, your entire body will be out of alignment, thereby preventing you from achieving your full athletic performance. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Bob Alonzi works with both amateur and professional athletes to improve their fascial fitness.  He knows that a healthy fascial system and proper alignment are fundamental training principles to improve athletic performance. When your fascial system is functioning at its peak performance, you experience better flexibility, ease of movement, improved posture, and more rapid recovery from sports injury.

Bob’s holistic approach to personal health can help you unlock your athletic potential, while increasing your vitality and sense of well-being.

Your athletic performance isn’t just about proper diet or grueling workouts. It consists of bringing all of your body’s systems into alignment, so that they can function as a seamless whole. If you are looking for tips to improve athletic performance, or are ready to take charge of your fascial fitness, contact Bob Alonzi today!

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