Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen. A New Wellness Journey Book

Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen and Why This New Book Will Help You On Your Wellness Journey

Advanced Rolfing® has long been recognized as an alternative therapy that can help people preform at their best. Known for correcting problems with the fascial system, Rolfing aims to bring the body back into alignment, thereby improving posture, range of motion, flexibility, physical performance, and a sense of vitality.

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer® with decades of experience, southern California-based Bob Alonzi has helped hundreds of clients on their own journeys to personal wellness.

Through his extensive education, training, experience, and strict ethics, he has developed a deep understanding on the complexity of personal wellness, including the mind-body connection and its many effects.

Soon, Bob will be releasing a new book titled I-Stretch & Strengthen. In it, he creates a comprehensive guide that aims to help people on their own paths toward true physical, mental, and spiritual health. He gives information and insights that he has gained in his extensive career as a trusted Rolfing practitioner. Focusing on the importance of listening to and understanding your body, Bob aims to teach readers about how a holistic approach can help them see the bigger picture regarding health and wellness, and accomplish their goals.

I-Stretch & Strengthen can be used as a guide and a beginning for learning more about your body by engaging physically and focusing on the language of sensory experience.

A heightened awareness of your body is a step closer to the larger understanding of self-awareness, personal growth and insight. The human body, psyche, spirit, and structure are one, and in being so when one aspect of self is neglected the others fall prey to imbalance, illness and injury. Through caring for the body’s needs physically and emotionally, health can be created to provide vitality and the opportunity to live a passionate life.

If you would like to know more about Bob’s upcoming publication or to preorder a copy, contact his office today at 310-451-3250.

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