In addition to Rolfing, there are several supplemental therapy options that Bob Alonzi Certified Advanced Rolfer can provide. These are supplemental to rolfing, but can also be exclusive and outside of the rolfing process. Each therapy offers the ability to explore the different sensations of the body, and can be enhancers to Rolfing, but can also be completely outside therapies.

Each client starts off with a full consultation to understand the purpose of the visit. After an understanding of what the needs are, a recommendation is made for therapy, either rolfing treatment or supplemental therapies such as functional training or movement analysis. A few of those therapies are listed below:

Manual Therapy (Myofascial Release/Joint Mobilization) is used to fix muscular and skeletal problems through specific soft-tissue manipulation and by improving joint mobility.

Cranial and Visceral Manipulation is a gentle form of skeletal and fascial movement with a basis in osteopathic principles.

Dermo Neuro Modulation (DNM) is a gentle system of manipulation of nerve tissue that releases soft tissue entrapment of nerve tissue and pathways.

Fascial Fitness is a specific exercise approach designed to strengthen connective tissue (fascia or the fascial net) which may be damaged or weakened due to injury or repetitive use and negative pattern formations.

Guidance in Core Strengthening and Stabilization ensures structural stability by strengthening key muscle groups and providing stability to joints and the skeletal system.

Somatic Experiencing is a system for resolving symptoms left behind from a traumatic accident or event. The SE approach is an exploration of sensation and feeling. It aids the client in understanding the language of one’s own body and an insight into past events.

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