You Can Find True Relief Through Rolfing®

When a person suffers chronic pain, they often undergo a difficult journey that sometimes feels endless. They seek out professional help, only to be given prescriptions that are ineffective or have too many side effects. Likewise, they often receive less-than-helpful advice, like encouragement to take up yoga or see chiropractors. Coping with chronic pain seems like a lifelong battle, and can make people feel like the return to normal functionality is a hopeless prospect.rolfing massage los angeles

If you suffer from chronic pain, you still can find relief if you reconsider what is really going on inside of your body. Rolfing® massage is an alternative therapy that addresses aberrations in your fascia. Your fascia is the network of connective tissue that runs throughout your body, and if parts become thick or fibrous, they pull your body out of alignment. This can create poor posture, muscle stiffness, and chronic pain. Rolfing aims to correct these aberrations through a series of deep tissue bodywork methods that unfold over the course of several sessions. By restoring your fascial system, you bring your body back into alignment. Rolfing addresses the way your body changes when it is compensating for injuries and trauma, which in turn, helps many sufferers of chronic pain find relief. Rolfing is also often used by professional athletes and dancers to restore vitality, improve performance, and as a method of injury prevention.

If you are looking for a new way to tackle your chronic pain, Certified Advanced Rolfer® Bob Alonzi provides quality service for the greater Los Angeles area. Respected for his comprehensive approach to personal wellness and his 30 years of experience, Bob helps people with a variety of issues, including poor posture, repetitive motion injuries, and scoliosis. He wants to help you find relief from your chronic pain and regain your functionality. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact his office today!


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