How Certified Rolfers Promote Successful Wellness Outcomes

The How and the Why—Certified Rolfers® Focus on Client Education to Promote Successful Outcomes

When people first approach the concept of Rolfing®, they often do so as a last resort. They have been suffering from chronic pain, unsurmountable roadblocks to athletic improvement, or a simple sense that true personal wellness is out of their reach. They’ve grown tired of medications that don’t work, exercises that don’t help, and a sense that their expressions fall on the deaf ears of uninvested healthcare providers.  As such, they approach Certified Rolfers® with a sense of trepidation, but also of fading hope. However, what they often find is the missing piece to their wellness efforts, and not in the way you might think.Fascia Fitness

Rolfing is not a magic cure, and the practice goes far beyond the deep tissue bodywork that people most associate with the term. Rolfing practitioners are, first and foremost, educators. Indeed, their hands-on work helps resolve underlying physical aberrations, restore range of motion and flexibility, and promote vitality. However, at its core, Rolfing as a profession is about educating clients. With the physical work, they also focus on teaching, whether it be anatomy (fascial anatomy) and physiology, functional training, or behavioral awareness. They know that, without self-awareness, any therapy is simply an exercise in temporary relief, rather than a step toward life-long personal wellness. As you research both Rolfing and area practitioners, you need to understand that your own experiences will be governed not just by the hands-on work of your Rolfing movement instructor, but also the ways in which you incorporate the lessons your practitioner passes on in your daily life.

In the greater Los Angeles area, Certified Advanced Rolfer® Bob Alonzi has been serving his clients for decades, and believes passionately that Rolfing is not just about the bodywork, but rather embracing an informed and proactive approach to wellness.

As you learn more about this option, contact his office at 310-451-3250 for a consultation and discover a process that addresses all the components that make up your health. When you know the “whys” you can more effectively embrace the “hows” on your journey toward healing.

Bob has released a new book titled I-Stretch & Strengthen. In it, he creates a comprehensive guide that aims to help people on their own paths toward true physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn more about this new wellness journey guide here. 

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