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Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen. A New Wellness Journey Book

Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen and Why This New Book Will Help You On Your Wellness Journey Advanced Rolfing® has long been recognized as an alternative therapy that can help people preform at their best. Known for correcting problems with the fascial system, Rolfing aims to bring the body back into alignment, thereby improving posture, range […]

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What is Fascia Fitness?

In a Mid-Year Slump? Now is the Time to Recommit to Your Wellness Goals We have reached the mid-point of the year, and for many of us, resolutions have long been forgotten. Despite your best intentions, you let those hopes of better health and wellness fall by the wayside. However, even if you aren’t happy […]

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A Proactive Approach To Wellness During The Challenging Winter Season

Is Your Body Ready for the Fall and Winter? As the weather turns cooler, we are all settling into a season when our health often faces numerous challenges. Beyond cold and flu season, we find ourselves less active and sometimes overwhelmed by all of the work and social commitments that dominate these months. While you […]

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