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How Certified Rolfers Promote Successful Wellness Outcomes

The How and the Why—Certified Rolfers® Focus on Client Education to Promote Successful Outcomes When people first approach the concept of Rolfing®, they often do so as a last resort. They have been suffering from chronic pain, unsurmountable roadblocks to athletic improvement, or a simple sense that true personal wellness is out of their reach. […]

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Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen. A New Wellness Journey Book

Discover I-Stretch & Strengthen and Why This New Book Will Help You On Your Wellness Journey Advanced Rolfing® has long been recognized as an alternative therapy that can help people preform at their best. Known for correcting problems with the fascial system, Rolfing aims to bring the body back into alignment, thereby improving posture, range […]

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How Do You Improve Bad Posture?

The Bad Posture Stigma—How You Can Correct Poor Posture and Regain Personal Wellness Your parents probably fussed at you about your posture as a child and teen. Did you hear, “Sit up straight,” or, “Stand up straight,” on a regular basis? While we all probably experienced of well-meaning parents nagging us about our posture, many […]

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