Finding the Body You’ve Forgotten

Do you remember the exuberance of running through the woods on a spring day, the rhythmic sound of footsteps, the rush of spirit that promises no limit? Or maybe you remember long rambling walks exploring new cities or countryside when all your senses were on high alert to the sounds, smells, sights and feelings of the world around you.

Fast forward … oh… say 20 years or more, and you consider driving to the mailbox, but guilt won’t allow it so you consider walking and decide there was no good mail anyway. You make a point to avoid long mirrors and the scale is not your friend. Your walk through the large mall leaves you sore, and you skip the most distant of stores.

For all this, you feel that you lead a healthy life – no smoking, no drinking, normal blood pressure; your overweight doctor suggests you lose a few pounds and you stifle returning their suggestion.

Recent reports describe how your lifestyle puts you at as much risk as a smoker and are shortening both your lifespan and reducing the quality of your future years. Walking with your adult children you see the person you were and think maybe that while you can’t be younger, that you can gain some of the feelings you’ve lost. Welcome to your body – you’ve ignored what you have been doing to it, but it is now time to get reacquainted.

Bob Alonzi’s new book, I-Stretch & Strengthen: The Take Everywhere Exercise System is a guide for regaining a healthy lifestyle without gym routines or gimmicky workout routines.

This book helps you focus on a heightened awareness of your body as a step toward gaining a deeper understanding of self-awareness, personal growth and insight. Alonzi, a professional advanced Rolfing expert, brings his teachings of the integration of mind-body to an exercise and self-awareness process that leads to both a happier and healthier existence. With over 30 years’ experience as a professional Rolfer in Southern California, Alonzi has distilled his understanding of how mind and body are meant to work together to be fully alive in the world around us.

The human body has an inherent design that is meant for movement and adaptability. Modern life too often has us moving much less than our bodies require to maintain good health. Recent studies have equated sedentary life as being similar to smoking and a potential for health problems which can arise. We simply need to move our bodies more to stay healthy. I-Stretch & Strengthen provides a concise exercise program to build flexibility and strength as well as becoming acquainted with the sensations which arise from exploring different types of movement.

The sensory experience is the language of the body which is the subtle information to keep us on track physically. The exercises contained in I-Stretch & Strengthen are time tested. They provide a solid foundation for developing and improving balance, movement and strength. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury or trying to get back to the activities you love, I-Stretch & Strengthen builds a solid foundation for advancing and reclaiming the full potential of your body.

Available on Amazon, I-Stretch & Strengthen: The Take Everywhere Exercise System is a guide to living the life of exuberance and passion that faded in the years that slid past.

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