Clients often ask how often they should be Rolfed. Since Rolfing is typically a series of ten sessions, the question can be interpreted as wondering how close together the sessions could or should be administered, or an inquiry as to how often the ten session series could or should be repeated.

In the first instance, sessions can be as often as twice a week or as stretched out as once every two weeks, though the weekly schedule is most often recommended and adhered to. A good rule of thumb is one month of weekly sessions for every year of pain. Dr. Rolf expressed her opinion that the ten session series should be completed within a five month timeframe for maximum benefit.

While clients can feel shifts and changes in their bodies for days after a session, it is important to note that lifestyle changes will most likely be necessary to maintain the physical changes and benefits obtained from Rolfing in terms of less pain and greater mobility.

On the question of repeating the series, many Rolfing practitioners feel that it is most often a ‘one and done’ experience. They may recommend that clients seek other forms of assistance after completing their series if they need additional help. Note that some practitioners stretch the series to 15 sessions in certain circumstances.

Rolfing works with soft tissue, specifically targeting and reorganizing the connective tissue to realign and reintegrate the entire body. If after completing the series a client is in need of relaxation, the Rolfer may refer them to a massage therapist.

In the same vein, if strengthening for rehabilitation is required, the client would best be served by a physical therapist. This is not to say that a Rolfer does not work on a client after an injury, just that Rolfing is usually best after completion of the rehabilitation process.

Rolfers do not do bone adjustments. If a client needs a spinal adjustment after completing his session, the practitioner will refer them to a chiropractor.

In conclusion, the series is designed to be a one-time treatment. Ideally, clients should come weekly for sessions, but regardless of frequency should complete their treatment within five months. In clients’ best interests, a professional Rolfer will happily refer them to other health professionals as needed.

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