Commit To Your Personal Wellness Both Inside And Out

This Year, Resolve to Commit To Your Personal Wellness Both Inside and Out

Though the holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness, it also marks the end of another year and a time to reflect on what we want for our lives in the future. For many of us, we know that we need to revisit our personal health and wellness, and create a plan to achieve those goals. If you think you are ready to make some changes, now is the perfect time to take an objective look at yourself and decide if you really are living your life to its fullest potential. By committing to improve your own sense of wellness, you will be giving yourself the best gift of all.

Resolutions often feel more like a four-letter word than an agent for positive change. We know all the old rolfing massage los angelesclichés: diet, weight loss, fiscal responsibility. However, improving your wellness does not have to involve sudden, drastic changes. In fact, most people succeed in their goals when they implement small, meaningful changes over time. By taking the process step by step, they create habits that affect their lives in a more manageable manner.

While some small changes offer a great start toward taking control of your health, you should also consider looking to add new options to proactively improve your quality of life. For example, if you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, or feel like your body is generally out of alignment, a Rolfing® treatment may be just what you need. This unique practice consists of a series of deep tissue bodywork sessions that aim to correct problems with a part of your body you probably would never consider: your fascia. Your fascial system is the connective tissue in your body that holds together your muscles, bones and organs. It helps all of your systems work together. If certain sections become thick or fibrous, they can pull your body out of alignment and contribute to chronic pain. Advanced Rolfing® helps release the tissue so that you gain ease of movement and increased feelings of vitality. Professional athletes and dancers often turn to Rolfing for improved performance and injury prevention.

Whether you are considering Rolfing for chronic neck pain or you simply want to embrace a body that feels like it’s functioning at optimum levels, this practice could be the missing piece of your personal wellness puzzle. In our community, Certified Advanced Rolfer® Bob Alonzi offers Rolfing to clients who are ready to take a proactive approach toward their wellness goals. Whether it’s Rolfing for chronic back pain or simply to experience the positive effects, he can help you discover a new avenue toward wellness you will feel both inside and out.

As you consider your goals for the coming new year, go beyond the traditional resolutions and vow to embrace a deeper commitment to physical and emotional health. By giving yourself the gift of self-care, you will take that important first step toward genuine wellness. To learn more about the Orange County CA practice of Rolfing or to schedule an appointment near you, contact Bob’s office today or call 310-451-3250!


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