Is Your Body Ready for the Fall and Winter?

As the weather turns cooler, we are all settling into a season when our health often faces numerous challenges. Beyond cold and flu season, we find ourselves less active and sometimes overwhelmed by all of the work and social commitments that dominate these months. While you cannot prevent all of the trials that come from this time of year, you can take many steps to prevent illness and injury, while also enhancing your own sense of health and wellness.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The best way to avoid seasonal illnesses and injuries is to give your body all of the tools it needs.

  • First, get your flu shot as soon as possible. Likewise, remember that with school back in session, germs are circulating throughout your community faster than ever. Carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes with you and avoid touching public door handles and other common surfaces thaproactive approach to wellness during wintert are high-traffic for germy hands.
  • Give your body the healthy fuel it needs to boost your immune system. A well-balanced diet will help provide a strong foundation, and the right vitamins and minerals can help bulk up your body’s natural defenses.
  • Get plenty of sleep, because this is one of the biggest contributors to your personal wellness. Lack of sleep stresses your body’s systems, so you can encourage better performance by giving them the sleep they need.

Along with the basics for preventing illness, you can also help your health by focusing on true, total wellness. If you are less active during the winter months, your body may be compensating in ways you may not even realize. If you feel stiff, sore, or like you just aren’t moving at peak performance, then you may have problems with your fascial system.

Fascial Fitness for Health and Injury Prevention

Your fascia is the vast system of connective tissue that runs throughout your body, holding together your muscles, bones, and organs. If you develop aberrations in your fascia, they pull your body out of alignment, thereby affecting your posture, flexibility, overall ease of movement. A qualified Rolfing® practitioner can help diagnose problems with your fascial system, and through Rolfing massage, you can regain a body that is aligned and invigorated.

Rolfing is a method of deep-tissue bodywork that aims to correct aberrations in your fascial system. When you bring your body back into proper alignment, you will improve your posture and ease of movement, which can help you better cope during these high-stress seasons. Rolfing is often used by athletes for injury prevention and improved performance, as well as those suffering from chronic pain. Imagine finishing out the year with an increased sense of vitality, and with the confidence that you are in control of your health.

As you head into these busy seasons, commit now to take a proactive approach toward preventing illness and injuries. Certified Advanced Rolfer® Bob Alonzi offers top-quality services for people throughout the Los Angeles area. With his focus on the total wellness of his clients, he can help you feel and function at your very best. To schedule a consultation, contact his office today or call directly at 310-451-3250 !



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