Rolfing and Functional Training

Building Knowledge and Awareness for a More Holistic Approach to Wellness

The puzzle of personal wellness is often challenging for many people. This is because we live in a culture in which we view personal health as a confusing cocktail of prescriptions, supplements, diets, workouts, and more. We want quick fixes, pill-based solutions, and are overwhelmed about the constantly evolving and conflicting information about how to move, eat, and live a healthy lifestyle. While this climate is not likely toRolfing® and Functional Training—Building Knowledge and Awareness for a More Holistic Approach to Wellness change, Rolfing® practitioners know that we must approach our wellness goals with a holistic approach that begins with a greater personal awareness of our movements and actions. By doing so, so we support our bodies’ journey toward lasting wellness, rather than continuously relying on corrective measures and proverbial Band-Aids that don’t address the true roots of our health challenges.

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Fascial Fitness and functional trainer, Bob Alonzi believes strongly in incorporating Functional Training into his clients’ session objective. As you know, Rolfing is a process of deep tissue bodywork that aims to address aberrations in the fascial system. These issues pull the body out of alignment, and contribute to chronic pain, soreness, stiffness, decreased range of motion, and decreased flexibility. While the process of Rolfing corrects these issues, Functional Training gives the client the information, awareness, and education to enact lasting change, and support wellness. In other words, this movement education is how a client embodies the changes that occur from the hands-on Rolfing process. When a client is taught to recognize behavioral patterns and that there are choices as to how he or she carries herself and chooses to move the body, enhanced awareness occurs. As a result, making corrections outside the Rolfing studio becomes a way for a client to maintain his or her own physical health.

Bob’s focus on Functional Training highlights the more holistic approach toward personal wellness, and also demonstrates the philosophy that we all need to take a more introspective attitude and objective look at our own contributions to our current health state. Awareness, accountability, and education may give your wellness toolbox the missing pieces you have been looking for. To learn more about Rolfing and how it can help, contact Bob Alonzi’s Santa Monica office for a consultation.

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