Rolfing in a Time of Coronavirus


As “social distancing,” “shelter in place,” and “pandemic” become part of our vocabulary, personal care and therapy sessions are less available. For the vast number of people who are working from home and suddenly less able to go to the gym or therapy services, there is a home guide for finding physical and emotional health.

Bob Alonzi, a master practitioner of Rolfing, has created an at home program that requires no special equipment. “ I-Stretch & Strengthen” provides a basic exercise routine which can prove beneficial as part of a rehabilitation plan, exercise program, or stress reduction effort.

Using exercise developed over 30 years, I-Stretch & Strengthen can be used as a guide for learning more about your body by engaging physically and focusing on the language of sensory experience. They provide a solid foundation for developing and improving balance, movement and strength.

A heightened awareness of your body is a step closer to the larger understanding of self-awareness, personal growth and insight. The human body, psyche, spirit and structure are one, and in being so when one aspect of self is neglected the others fall prey to imbalance, illness and injury.

Through caring for the body’s needs both physically and emotionally, health can be created to provide vitality and the opportunity to live a passionate life. The human body has an inherent design that is meant for movement and adaptability.

The vast redirection of the workforce to “working from home” reduces opportunities for exercise while events are increasing stress.

This combination has the potential for significant health problems.

We simply need to move our bodies more to stay healthy. I-Stretch & Strengthen provides a concise exercise program to build flexibility and strength as well as becoming acquainted with the sensations which arise from exploring different types of movement. The sensory experience is the language of the body which is the subtle information to keep us on track physically and increase our capacity to handle the stress of current events.

Over the uncertain period ahead maintaining your health and emotional well-being is critical Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury or trying to get back to the activities you love, I-Stretch & Strengthen builds a solid foundation for advancing and reclaiming the full potential of your body.

Staying healthy is important for everyone; remember to practice 3-6 feet of social distancing and limit exposures to large groups of people.

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