Rolfing is a form of deep tissue massage developed by Dr. Ida Rolf as an alternative treatment for a variety of health issues. While pharmaceutical companies have vast sums to pour into research to demonstrate the effectiveness of their drugs, alternative therapy providers have little to no such resources. As a result, the empirical research in support of alternative treatments has been limited. What is clear however, are the reports of people who have received rolfing treatments. Accepting that results may vary from practitioner to practitioner, the responses of client of Bob Alonzi are a testament to both his skills as an advanced practitioner, and of the effectiveness of Rolfing in addressing health issues. The actual reviews that follow describe patient experiences and the conditions being addressed. It is significant that the reviews describe treatment for musculo-skeletal issues and report treatment relief even when other methods have been ineffective. That Rolfing can also be a treatment for ADHD and other disorders is noted. Learn more about Mr. Alonzi and Rolfing.

As a sufferer of pain related to TMJ, and various other structural issues, (mostly connected to the spine), I have found Rolfing one of the few successful healing approaches. That being said, it is imperative to find the right Rolfer. As most people know, LA is full of options when it comes to chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. I went on a full fledged search almost 4 years ago to find the best Rolfer in LA. I will tell you, that search took a long time. I tried multiple Rolfers for different periods of time, until finding Bob.

The positive factors of working with Bob:

  • He discusses his client’s pain and issues prior to each appointment to ensure he gets the job done.
  • Also, he is intuitive in the sense he knows exactly what level of pressure to use where he is working.
  • You will see results. You will feel better, you will have less pain!
  • He works out of an office (not his home), which is professional and private. Bob will not answer phone calls during a session. He works with you 100% of the time.
  • He doesn’t over charge for his services and he is flexible with appointments.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. I would recommend Bob to anyone in the LA who suffers from pain and/or is curious about Rolfing.

Claire D.

Bob has been a lifesaver. I was having nerve pain and tendonitis in my arm and wrist for months. I had seen an acupuncturist/chiropractor, physical therapist and got a nerve test through a hand specialist. I spent so much time and money with people that couldn’t understand what was wrong and why I was in pain. Within ONE session with Bob I felt 80% better. My shoulders were rolled so far forward that I had to significantly loosen my bra straps after our first session because they were so tight before he worked on me. I have continued seeing him to maintain and feel my best.

Deborah C.

When I first came to Bob, my arms were so sore he could barely touch me. He was extremely sensitive to my body and what I could tolerate. Eventually, my arms were no longer painful. I continued to see Bob for many years.

Bob Alonzi is an extraordinary person and care professional and not just in his knowledge and expertise in Rolfing. He treats and focuses on the whole person and is knowledgeable in alternative medicine. His sensitivity to me and my needs was remarkable. I had recently been diagnosed with ADHD and was trying to adjust to numerous life events. Regardless whether I arrived hyper, depressed, or upset, Bob was able to calm me as he worked. After listening to his words of wisdom for many years, I felt he should or could also become a psychotherapist. His Rolfing changed my body (which needed a lot of work) and his manner, sensitivity, and perceptiveness as he worked contributed to my growth as a person. I don’t know where I would be without his work and guidance.

Kristin A.

When I moved to Los Angeles 22 years ago, I had an extremely painful, debilitating right lumbar pain that was so bad I couldn’t stand long enough to wash dishes. I had it for several years. I tried the Back Institute in Santa Monica and chiropractic, but nothing worked. Then I met Bob. He worked with my chiropractor to correct the source of my back pain when no one else could identify it. As I have moderately advanced scoliosis, over the years my spine took a toll on my lower left lumbar. Again, Bob ameliorated the condition, and made me pain free again. When I broke my ankle and got 3 cervical disc bulges from wearing the boot improperly, I was in more pain than I had ever experience in my life, and considering surgery. Again, Bob came through. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if Bob hadn’t been in my life. Scoliosis doesn’t go away, but regular visits with Bob over the years have kept it in check and keeps me living pain free. He’s a healer with a gentle touch, an empathic nature and a well-honed clinical skill. If you’re lucky enough to find his Yelp page, look no further. He will help you.

I have been getting Rolfed by Bob for years and thought it was time to share the extremely positive experiences I have had. I agree with the comments about professionalism, reasonable fee, personable, and thorough. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, and with years of experience, I trust him to identify the source of pain, the techniques and the treatment. and what I can do at home (and not do!) Having had bad body work from other sources, I know how important this is. For those unfamiliar with what Rolfing can do, I no longer walk like a duck, (something I go on periodically to work on) have better posture, and am now in for chronic problems with neck and shoulders. For me, the Rolfing feels like I am having 500 pounds taken off my head neck and shoulders, and have increased mobility.

I had a great Rolfing experience (10+ sessions) with Bob last year. He is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and not to mention, a very skilled Rolfer. For those considering Rolfing, I would strongly urge taking a few sessions and giving this approach a try. I have had kyphotic posture with chronic musculoskeletal pain since 2009 and tried several different approaches before I found Rolfing for therapeutic relief. Bob tailored the sessions to my needs and listened carefully to my complaints and case history. After the 2nd session, I started noticing changes in my movement patterns and posture… Rolfing works by altering the stresses in muscles and bones throughout the entire body making it a holistic approach and I believe this is precisely the reason why it can be so effective and long lasting.

Several months since my last rolfing session, I’m pleased with what Bob has achieved for me!

Damian C.

A friend recommended Rolfing to me to help improve my posture, and reduce my chronic neck pain. After much online searching, I went to see Bob at his

conveniently-located office in Santa Monica.

Bob has a wonderful manner, a calm presence and undoubted expertise. If you have never tried rolfing, you really should!! Think of it as a series of massages that genuinely work for long-term benefit, rather than short term muscle relief. (I hate to over-simplify the process of rolfing, because it is so much more than that, but that has been a useful description to help position this process to some friends of mine).

I signed-up for a series of 10 sessions – the cost was extremely reasonable and I consider this to have been one of my best investments ever.

Dianne C.

Bob is an amazing healer and a master rolfer. He has brought great relief to my hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and many other issues. As a former dancer with complex injuries and pains, Bob has been both detective and healer. Bob has been able diagnose the source of my problems that no other doctor, healer or massage therapist ever could. I can’t say enough about how Bob’s gifted skill has changed my body, my posture, and relieved my pain. I highly recommend Bob. Bob gently and expertly puts your body in the position it wants to be in to be out of pain and in its highest function. I recommend Bob to everyone.

Bob Alonzi changed my life. Before I was rolfed by him I had chronic back problems and never believed that I could be a physically active person. Since being rolfed by him, a number of years ago, I have never experienced the problems I once had, my posture improved and I began to pursue physical activities with a sense of confidence that was completely new to me. I still see Bob every now and then for a tune-up and he keeps my body in very healthy, active shape. I’ve had body

work with other practitioners but I find that Bob is extremely attuned and sensitive to the individual needs of the patient. He is knowledgeable, professional and responsive. I highly recommend him.

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