Rolfing Structural Integration Bodywork

Get Moving and Embrace a Healthier You

Despite a growing emphasis on the importance of health and fitness, even the most well-intentioned people may have sedentary lives. From work to home, we spend so much time stationary that it’s taking a toll on our bodies. As a result, we need to make regular exercise a priority and set up routines that support physical health.

Rather than view physical fitness as series of workouts, you also need to see it as an integral part of your entire day. For example, if you work in an office environment, get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour, or, if you can’t, take walks during your breaks. Plan for activities that encourage you to move more on the weekends, and cut down on screen time. When you make the conscious efforts and small changes, you can help combat the effects of a sedenproactive approach to wellness during wintertary lifestyle.

As you progress through your fitness journey, your body may not feel, initially, like it’s benefiting from your efforts. Years of bad posture and constant sitting may have wreaked havoc on your connective tissue (fascial system). This network of connective tissue helps your muscles and bones work together, and if some parts become thick and fibrous, it can pull your body out of alignment, contributing to soreness, stiffness, and the feeling that your body just isn’t working at its fullest potential. Thickened fascial tissue is often the cause of chronic muscular and skeletal discomfort and limitation.

Luckily, a corrective measure is available. Rolfing® structural integration bodywork is a process that releases distortions in your fascia and restores a sense of vitality and ease of movement.  The process unfolds over a series of sessions with a professional structural integration practitioner (Rolfer) and can help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

In Greater Los Angeles, Certified Advanced Rolfer® Bob Alonzi helps people of all ages and fitness levels through the Rolfing structural integration process. He can help you, too, embrace a more kinetic lifestyle so that you can live your healthiest life. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact his office today and call (310) 451-3250 in Santa Monica or (818) 469-8976.



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