How Do You Improve Bad Posture?

The Bad Posture Stigma—How You Can Correct Poor Posture and Regain Personal Wellness Your parents probably fussed at you about your posture as a child and teen. Did you hear, “Sit up straight,” or, “Stand up straight,” on a regular basis? While we all probably experienced of well-meaning parents nagging us about our posture, many […]

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A Proactive Approach To Wellness During The Challenging Winter Season

Is Your Body Ready for the Fall and Winter? As the weather turns cooler, we are all settling into a season when our health often faces numerous challenges. Beyond cold and flu season, we find ourselves less active and sometimes overwhelmed by all of the work and social commitments that dominate these months. While you […]

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When Working With Athletes

When I am working with competitive athletes (amateur or professional) I will make a point of learning about their training regimens and performance through their coaches and then from the athletes. I may even go and watch them train so I can see them in movement in their activities. I want specifics that includes whatever […]

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